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Get Healthy, Win Big

So you are ready to eat right, move more, and recover faster. Awesome! But with so many options, where can you go to decide what is best for  you? Introducing Nudge. We team up with local wellness businesses to provide experiences that will improve your health. Join now and explore all your city’s options for moving, fueling, and restoring your body. Make a splash on your health today, and your future self will win big.

Inspiring Flourishing Communities

Nudge is a one-stop resource for exploring your city’s wellness landscape. It fosters strong and thriving local communities through collaborative engagement in wellness. Nudge members get access to steep discounts, exclusive experiences, educational insights, premium prizes, and more. You might just find your new favorite fitness class, learn about a café or spa that you didn’t know existed, and who knows, win the trip to tropical paradise.

Healthy Food
A Map to Your City’s Treasures

Nudge members immediately unlock access to huge value. Redeem "perks" from Nudge partners, attend Gather events, and shop premium brands at a discount in the Nudge store. But wait, there's more! Periodic raffle drawings will take place with prizes from local Nudge partners and one Grand Prize, such as a 7-day, all-inclusive stay at Moon Palace Cancun.


Each time you scan the QR code at a Nudge partner, attend a gather event, or shop the Nudge store you earn an additional raffle ticket entry. Now is the time to get healthy and win big.

Meet the Team
Brandon, Owner and Founder

Brandon grew up in Peachtree City and currently resides in Senoia with his wife Jill and son Ledger. He also owns Laboratory Fitness in Peachtree City. He was an all-American baseball player and Peer Health Partner at Emory University before several years of healthcare consulting for high-profile hospital mergers.

Brandon believes that healthy communities are the strongest communities, and he is passionate about bringing people together. In his spare time, Brandon enjoys golfing, watching Jill’s band perform, and training his dog Zollie.

What your neighbors are saying

"Finally a resource that guides me through all the possibilities for improving my health" - Chris
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